Extra virgin olive oil

Superior category Virgin Olive Oil, cold-pressed by means of mechanical procedures only from Arbequina-class olives from country house El Quinto de Don Pedro, found in the mountains of Toledo, Spain.

The Olive Grove

At 'La Calderina', the highest peak of the mountains of Toledo, we find the country house from which the olive oil inherits its name "EL Quinto de Don Pedro". There, at the bottom, our Arbequina olives' vineyard, 800m above sea level.

The Arbequina borrows its tones of aroma, color and taste from the monuntains of Toledo. La Calderina's height and weather conditions allow for an unrivaled freshness and fruitness, resulting in an oil that is distinct from other vineyards of similar characteristics.

Amongst the vineyard's most frequent visitors we find deer, rabbits, hares, wild bores and roe deer. Rosemary, oaks, heather, brooms and thickets constitute the environment that gives the fruits their aroma.

Our production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is limited to the olives that, in the different phases of maturity, are collected from our plantation.

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