Extra virgin olive oil

Superior category Virgin Olive Oil, cold-pressed by means of mechanical procedures only from Arbequina-class olives from country house El Quinto de Don Pedro, found in the mountains of Toledo, Spain.

The harvest

Para la obtención de nuestros aceites hacemos dos tipos de recoleccion:

Harvesting of "Early Olives”

The earliest olives from our vineyard, those with a bright green color, are collected manually and are the base of the first oil of the season, "PRIMUS DEL QUINTO, Early Olives" , giving a fresh, green olive oil full of aromas of fresh grass and recently collected olives.

Recolección 1/3,1/3,1/3

This method of collecting the olives is chosen when one-third of the fruits is still green, one-third is in process of ripening showing two colors, and one-third is ripe and violet, in search of the exquisite aromas that give shape to the El Quinto de Don Pedro Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The olives are carefully handled and taken to the olive-mill ready to be grinded and ensuring the freshness, health and low-acidity of our oil.

Our production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is limited to the olives that, in the different phases of maturity, are collected from our plantation.

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